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Surf Ecuador Advanced Tour- (mobile 6 night 7 day)

     Cost         Extra Nights
1               $1155              $160
2                $850               $120
3                $720               $100
4                $655                 $90
5                $615                 $85

Why Surf Ecuador? Conditions:

Tropical water, hidden surf spots and uncrowded beaches are just a few reasons why international surfers are seeking out the quiet, humble country of Ecuador as an up and coming surf destination. With over 1400 miles of coastline, Ecuador offers surfers a concentration of breaks between Salinas and Mompiche along with regular glassy conditions between the months of December and April. Average wave height ranges between 2-5 feet with “oleajes” bringing in overhead waves during peak season.

One of the most pleasant conditions associated with surfing at the equator is the warm water, uncrowded waves, abandoned beaches and rural culture still retained in the fishing villages along the coast which have only recently begun to develop their tourism potential. Check out today’s Ecuador Surf Report on Magic Seaweed.

Surf Ecuador Tour- 6 night 7 day

Taking into account the tide, wind conditions and swell direction the day of your arrival, our Surf Ecuador Tour is designed to be flexible, thereby allowing us to choose the week’s itinerary according to which breaks are going off. Each individual  or group has their own guide and vehicle for this moving wave hunter's tour.

The moment we pick you up from the Guayaquil airport we start heading north, up the coast, stopping in the quaint surfer village of Montañita for a little night life and stoke as the tour continues hunting waves up the coastline targeting the breaks going off dependent on the conditions and time of year.

The Guides

Our Surf Ecuador Tour sets you up with your own personal bi-lingual guides who have been surfing the coastline from one end to the other since they were kids and as such posses an inherent knowledge of the local breaks only an Ecuadorian surfer and guide can provide.

Included Costs:

The tour initiates and ends with pick-up/drop-off at Guayaquil International airport. Specific travel planning is dependent on international flight logistics.
  • Accommodations (air conditioning where available)
  • Safe and reliable ground transportation (all costs inc. gas & road tolls). New spacious van available that seats 9 for use with 1-9 pax along with a 4x4 jeep cherokee if needed.
  • Bi-lingual Ecuadorian local surf guide for the entire tour from pickup to drop- off.
  • Daily briefing, minimum 2 surf sessions per day.
  • 3 meals a day (does not include alcoholic beverages).
  • Round trip airport pickup and drop off fees inc. entry and parking. I am willing to include this instead of charging an additional fee.
*Concierge service if necessary for any further travel planning or tour extensions

Not Included:

  • International flight
  • Client equipment (surf boards, wax, rashies, etc.)
  • Airport exit fees/tax

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Surf Ecuador Adventure

Our Surf Ecuador Mobile Tour is designed for moderate and advanced surfers, both men and women alike. The ability to select from a variety of beach and point breaks along the pacific coast makes this small country the perfect surf destination! Your itinerary is designed dependent on the conditions of the breaks the day you arrive!
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Where is Ecudor?

Occupying an area slightly smaller than the state of Nevada, Ecuador may be the fourth-smallest country in South America, but it contains some of the biggest adventures the continent has to offer.

Ecuador is Spanish for “equator,” but in addition to being crossed by the line that divides Earth’s northern and southern hemispheres, adventure travelers in the country encounter two even more striking geographic features — a beautiful Pacific coastline that stretches 1,398 miles, and the stunning Andes Mountains.